Have You Tried Our Long Lasting Cooling CocoMint Deodorant Yet? 🥥❄️

It’s our most popular deodorant, and sends your pits on a tropical Coconut & Mint vacation. 🏝

Designed for athletes and people living an active lifestyle, it keeps you smelling fresh all day - even through hot weather and intense workouts. ☀️

One reason people especially love this deo is because when you get hot or sweat, the deodorant “activates” and cools your underarms down with the refreshing peppermint essential oil. 🧊

We only use the best quality natural & organic ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, and aloe vera, which nourish and soothe sensitive skin. 🌱

Our deodorant glides on clear & silky smooth, and feels like there’s nothing there after drying!

No aluminum or synthetic fragrance means no yellow pit stains or rash either!

Order yourself a stick of Cooling CocoMint and receive 10% off + Free shipping on us when you use code: NIGEL 🤍

Just click here to Shop! 🛍

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