Put your Pits on Autopilot with Subscribe & Save (15%) 🥥🤩

We are beyond excited that SO MANY of you have made the switch to Breathe Naturals 🌱 

It is truly amazing to see people put their health first, and make the switch to an all natural deodorant that actually works.

Breathe Naturals is made with 100% natural ingredients you can understand. It lasts all day, smells amazing, and is gentle on sensitive skin too! 

Once you’ve tried and fallen in love with our deodorant, the next best step is to become a part of our subscription family!

When you subscribe, you’ll automatically save 15% off all your orders & get free shipping. 📦 

You can choose to have Breathe Naturals delivered directly to your doorstep every month, 6 weeks, or 2 months.

Feel free to update your settings to change scents, frequency, address, or cancel at any time 😊 

There’s nothing better than always having a fresh stick of your favorite deodorant waiting for you when yours runs out!

Check out the Shop Page to choose one of our 5-star rated scents ⭐️ and Reset Your Sweat!!💧🥥

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